The Exploration of Mars


The Mars Science Laboratory

NASA's latest rover is on Mars ... and so is a member of our committee!

The Mars Science Laboratory landed on the morning of August 6, following an 8-month journey through space! Now it will spend at least 2 years exploring the surface of Mars, and sending back its findings to Earth.

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The rover, named "Curiosity" is a 6-wheeled vehicle which is expected to explore Mars for at least 2 years.

A simulated view of MSL approaching Mars, reaching a peak velocity of around 13,000 mph!

A simulated view of the rover being lowered to the surface by the revolutionary SkyCrane.

The first 360° panorama taken by Curiosity on the surface of Mars.

3 Rovers - A dramatic indication of the sizes of the Pathfinder Sojourner, the Mars Exploration Rovers, and the Mars Science Laboratory.

The view towards 3.4-mile-high Mount Sharp.
A first view (left), showing its height, and a close-up (above)

These links show the latest images and videos from MSL Curiosity.

  Full details of the mission can be found at 

Jerry Stone on Mars

As well as the various instruments on the rover, it also has a micro-chip on which is recorded the names of all the mission supporters - and that includes a member of the Mars Society UK committee!
This is actually Jerry's 4th landing on Mars, as his name is on a CD-ROM on the landing platforms of each of the Mars Exploration Rovers, and it's on a mini-DVD on the Phoenix lander.

You can listen to Jerry in an interview on BBC 3 Counties Radio, discussing the mission - and the micro-chip - here.

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