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The theme of the 2012 Olympics was "Inspire a generation".
If the Olympics can inspire the next generation of athletes, why shouldn't amazing achievements like the Mars Science Laboratory inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers?

One of the Mars Society UK committee members runs Spaceflight UK, which offers workshops on astronomy and space exploration, including one called "Mission To Mars".

These workshops are suitable for pupils at primary and secondary level, and can also be run for colleges and universities, as well as team-building exercises for companies.

Bookings can be made for locations across the UK.


Activities include:
Let's Go To Mars An introduction to the Red Planet and how to get there ...
3-2-1 Launch! Make and launch your (non-pyrotechnic) rockets towards Mars.
Making a Mars Lander - "The Eggs Prize" With limited time and budget, can your team design and build a ladner that will keep your payload safe when dropped from a height?
A Mars Rover Simulator Can you program your rover to the rocks you have selected?
Survive on Mars You're on Mars, but you need to reach your supply craft. What items will help you, and which ones are useless?


Are you looking for a way to inspire your pupils - or your workers?

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