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“If you want any details about space talks, anything to do with space, he’s the country’s foremost space expert - Jerry Stone.  Look him up on Google.  He’s blooming brilliant!”

Roberto Perrone, BBC 3 Counties Radio

Aldrin on the Moon

Jerry on Sky News covering the SpaceX Iridium launch  Jerry at BBC 3 Counties Radio
Jerry at Sky News                            Jerry at BBC 3 Counties Radio   

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My latest interview

26  November 2018
   BBC 3 Counties Radio - InSight, NASA's latest Mars lander

 16 December 2015
BBC 3 Counties Radio - Tim Peake

On 15 December 2015 British astronaut Tim Peake was launched to spend 6 months on the International Space Station.

Tim hoped that his mission will help to inspire young people's interest in science and engineering, which is the aim of my space workshops.
I actually have a workshop in which pupils build a model of the space station - out of toilet rolls, pizza trays, straws, lollipop sticks and kitchen foil. Click here for details.

I spoke about this with Roberto Perrone. The interview is near the bottom of the page.

Jerry Stone with Tim Peake

Jerry Stone with Tim Peake.
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I believe my first newspaper interview was back in 1975. I've done a number since then, though in recent years, most interviews have been for various radio stations. Many were publicity interviews for events by the Letchworth & District Astronomical Society when I was their chairman. Others have been instances where I have been talking about current space topics. These have included the International Space Station, the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's flight, NASA's latest Mars probe,  the Transit of Venus and Tim Peake's mission to the International Space Station.

Here is a selection. They're in date order, so the latest one is at the bottom of the list. Simply click on the image to play each item. The files will take a few seconds to load.

The day after Neil Armstrong died, I was interviewed on both BBC News and Sky News. These video files take a little longer to load.


Did we go to the Moon? BBC 3 Counties Radio, October 2007. 4m 53s

Roberto Perrone plays Devil's Advocate in discussing the claims that we never flew to the Moon. For details of a full presentation that rips these claims to shreds, click here.


The Perseid meteors BBC 3 Counties Radio, August 2009. 3m 16s

The famous annual meteor shower.


Falling through the Earth BBC Radio 2, November 2010. 2m 48s

"Homework Sucks!" In this session on Simon Mayo's Drivetime programme, the question was; What would happen if you fell through a hole that went right through the Earth? Would you stop in the middle or keep going? I provided the answer.

Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to say how many minutes this would take. The answer is - 42! Never mind - I still received the car sticker :)


Stargazing Live BBC 3 Counties Radio, January 2011. 3m 15s

Looking forward to a meteor shower and an eclipse of the sun. Unfortunately, both were clouded out - the problem of being an astronomer in the UK :(


A Star Party with the planet Saturn BBC 3 Counties Radio, April 2011. 5m 26s

A preview of a Public Star Party, and views of the ringed planet, Saturn.


The 50th anniversary of the first space mission BBC 3 Counties Radio, April 4, 2011. 5m 6s

On April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first person to fly in space. I discuss the significance with Jessica Cooper.


Probing the galaxies / Eclipse of the Moon BBC 3 Counties Radio, June 2011. 7m 51s

What are galaxies, and how do we calculate their distance? Plus a preview of the upcoming lunar eclipse.


An eclipse of the Moon BBC 3 Counties Radio, June 2011. 4m 15s

The lunar eclipse and how it inspired Ferdinand Magellan 500 years ago.


Did Earth really have two moons? BBC 3 Counties Radio, August 2011. 3m 33s

Researchers propose that the Earth used to have a second moon.


Watching the International Space Station 106 Jack FM, September 2011. 3m 58s

The ISS passes across the sky quite often. What it's like observing this outpost in space.


A Young Observers' Star Party / Black Holes BBC 3 Counties Radio, October 2011. 7m 42s

The upcoming star party for under-16s, plus - what is a Black Hole?


A Public Star Party 106 Jack FM, October 2011. 2m 5s

A preview of an upcoming star party.


All about the Moon BBC 3 Counties Radio, November 2011. 5m 37s

In 5-1/2 minutes, the Moon receding from the Earth, the length of the day, the phases of the Moon, the tides - and more!


The Mars Science Laboratory - 1 BBC 3 Counties Radio, November 2011. 6m 31s

A chat with Ronnie Barbour on "The Other One Show", discussing NASA's new Mars probe the day before its launch.


The Mars Science Laboratory - 2 BBC Somerset Radio, November 2011. 9m 29s

A preview of "Curiosity" on the day of its launch. How to get to Mars, and how Mars research has benefits to health on Earth.


Moonbase plans BBC 3 Counties Radio, January 2012. 5m 40s

New plans to reach the Moon, plus how to really go into space - the UK's Skylon programme.


A Meteor and a Star party BBC 3 Counties Radio, March 2012. 10m 54s

A chat with Helen Lee on "The Other One Show", discussing a bight meteor seen across the UK.


A meteor shower and a star party BBC 3 Counties Radio, March 2012. 5m 24s

A preview of the Lyrids meteor shower and an upcoming public star party.


The Transit of Venus BBC Radio 4, June 2012. 6m 30s

I follow on from the Astronomer Royal, Lord Rees, talking about the Transit of Venus, and how to observe the event.


The Transit of Venus BBC 3 Counties Radio, June 2012. 6m 56s

Roberto Perrone heard me on Radio 4 and set up an interview about the Transit of Venus! I explained how it was used to measure the size of the solar system.


The Space Boffins' podcast  9 July 2012. 29m 55s Note: This links to the Naked Scientists' website which hosts the podcast.

Professor Sanjeev Gupta and I join Space Boffins Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham to talk about the Curiosity Mars lander and space tourism, and look back at the first Gemini spaceflight in 1965.


Curiosity - The Mars Science Laboratory 106 Jack FM, 6 August 2012. 3m 35s

A chat with Chris Hubbard on the morning that Curiosity landed on Mars. Listen for the bit at the end when his co-worker wonders if he really heard what he thought.


Curiosity - The Mars Science Laboratory BBC 3 Counties Radio, 6 August 2012. 6m 15s

Back with Roberto Perrone, explaining the SkyCrane and how come my name is on Mars!


Neil Armstrong Sky News, 26 August 2012. 6m 32s

Recalling the first Moon landing and discussing the legacy of the first person to walk on another world.


Neil Armstrong BBC News, 26 August 2012. 4m 0s

Recalling the first Moon landing and discussing the legacy of the first person to walk on another world. Featuring my model of the Apollo Lunar Module that I made back in 1969.


Curiosity drives on Mars Sky News, 28 August 2012. 5m 30s

Chris Bridges and I are interviewed about Curiosity's first drive on Mars, and about inspiring interest in science.


Voyager 1 - 35 years after launch BBC 3 Counties Radio, 12 September 2012. 6m 25s

Discussing Voyager 1 with David Prever. How many mistakes you can count between us! Oops!


Curiosity - The Mars Science Laboratory BBC 3 Counties Radio, 28 September 2012. 5m 20s

Roberto Perrone and I discuss the latest results from Mars with the discovery of an old riverbed - and the possible consequences.


The Exploration of Mars NBC, December 2012. 3m 13s

Some extracts from my 45-minute interview were used in a segment about colonising Mars.


Not the End of the World! BBC 3 Counties Radio, 20 December 2012. 5m 26s

The world isn't ending on December 21, but what about 2029 or 2036?
See here to find out just why the claims about the end of the world are a load of hogwash!


Remembering Gerry Anderson BBC 3 Counties Radio, 27 December 2012. 5m 43s

Reminiscing about Gerry Anderson, the creator of Fireball XL-5, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and much more, who passed away the day before.


Did we land on the Moon? BBC 3 Counties Radio, 14 June 2013. 2m 51s

Back for another chat with Roberto Perrone about the claims that we never flew to the Moon. For details of a full presentation that rips these claims to shreds, click here.


The MoD and its UFO investigations Sky News, 21 June 2013. 4m 44s. File size 20.8 Mb (mp4)

The MoD stopped investigating UFOs in 2009. Now the final batch of files have been released.


The UK's Skylon spaceplane BBC 3 Counties Radio, 17 July 2013. 3m 44s

The government announced £60 million towards the development of the SABRE engine for the Skylon spaceplane. This will be a world-beating space launcher.


Send my poem to Mars! BBC 3 Counties Radio, 19 July 2013. 6m 31s

I have submitted a poem to be sent to Mars! Hear how the public can vote for it to be included on the MAVEN spacecraft.


The Perseid Meteor Shower - 1 106 Jack FM, 12 August 2013. 5m 5s

An excerpt of an interview about the current meteor shower.

The ISS will pass over at 9:25 pm, not "just after 9pm"


The Perseid Meteor Shower - 2 BBC 3 Counties Radio, 12 August 2013. 5m 18s

This was an interview with James Whale, sitting in for Roberto Perone., talking about what we might see with tonight's meteor shower.


The Perseid Meteor Shower - 3 BBC 3 Counties Radio, 13 August 2013. 4m 45s

An early morning interview - at 6:45 am - with Justin Dealey, sitting in for Iain Lee. I was reporting on what I was able to see on Monday evening - two excellent passes of the International Space Station, Andromeda, Jupiter - and several Perseid meteors.


The Perseid Meteor Shower - 4 BBC 3 Counties Radio, 13 August 2013. 4m 59s

This was another interview with James Whale the next day, discussing what I'd seen, looking forward to tonight's view, and how to take pictures of meteors and the ISS.


My poem is going to Mars! BBC 3 Counties Radio, 23 August 2013. 2m 34s

Roberto Perone and I give the 3CR audience the news that my poem will be on the MAVEN spacecraft when it launches to Mars! How about that! More details here.


Will "The Sky At Night" be cancelled? BBC 3 Counties Radio, 24 September 2013. 7m 9s

Roberto and I discuss the shock news that "The Sky At Night" might be cancelled. Amazingly, Roberto has a suggestion that may save the programme. I'm treating it with a large dose of salt, but he isn't ...


Water and Life on Mars BBC Radio 5 Live, 5 October 2013. 3m 28s

On the day of the Mars Society UK 2013 Conference, when I became the Society's new President, I talked with Eleanor Oldroyd about our knowledge of water on the Red Planet, and the possibility of life there.


Will "The Sky At Night" be cancelled? BBC 3 Counties Radio, 30 October 2013. 4m 3s

Roberto and I discuss the latest news about "The Sky At Night", and he confirms that he has approached the BBC about a possible new dynamic presenter ...


India launches its first spacecraft to Mars BBC 3 Counties Radio, 5 November 2013. 5m 20s

On the day India launched its first interplanetary spacecraft, Roberto and I discuss the importance of the mission.


The Space Boffins' podcast  9 November 2013. 39m 32s Note: This links to the Naked Scientists' website which hosts the podcast.

Aspiring astronaut Kate Arkless Gray and I join Space Boffins Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham. I talk about Mars, my poem, space colonies and other topics.


Does the Sun go around the Earth? BBC 3 Counties Radio, 17 February 2014. 9m 3s

Apparently 1 in 4 Americans think this is the case, so either they were very badly taught in school or they have forgotten what they learnt. In France, the audience for an episode of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" were even worse! Over half of them said that the Sun goes around the Earth, despite Nicolaus Copernicus showing that the opposite is true in 1543 - that's over 460 years ago!


The Northern Lights Sky News, 14 February 2014. 3m 38s. File size 16.8Mb (mp4)

An outburst from the Sun created amazing displays of the Aurorae Borealis. I discuss how this happens and why they were seen so far south.


A spacesuit for Mars? Sky News: SWIPE, 2 May 2014. 2m 10s. File size 8.2 Mb (mov)

NASA released details of its latest propotype spacesuit. In an interview via Skype, I explain just what a spacesuit has to do.


New Horizons reached Pluto! BBC 3 Counties Radio, 15 July 2015. 7m 2s. File size 4.1 Mb (mov)

The NASA probe - which has my name on it - finally reached distant Pluto after a journey of 9.5 years!
Is Pluto a planet? Book my entertaining presentation and find out!


A new Earth? BBC 3 Counties Radio, 24 July 2015. 5m 32s. File size 3.5 Mb (mov)

NASA have released details of another 500 candidate planets discovered by the Kepler space probe. One of them could be very similar to the Earth.


Seeing the International Space Station BBC 3 Counties Radio, 5 August 2015. 5m 9s. File size 3 Mb (mov)

The International Space Station can be seen as it passes overhead, and you can see it if you know when and where to look.


A message for aliens BBC 3 Counties Radio, 11 September 2015. 5m 30s. File size 3.3Mb (mov)

The Breakthough Message contest offered up to $1 million to people to come up with possible messages that could be sent to other civilisations in the universe to represent us.


Water on Mars BBC 3 Counties Radio, 15 September 2015. 3m 32s. File size 2.9 Mb (mp4)

Photos from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter have shown evidence of liquid water flows on the surface. What does that mean for the possibility of life on Mars - or elsewhere in the solar system?


A rare planetary line-up BBC 3 Counties Radio, 28 October 2015. 4m 6s. File size 2.3 Mb (mov)

There is a rare grouping of the planets Venus, Mars and Jupiter, making a beautiful view in the early morning sky.


Tim Peake on the ISS BBC 3 Counties Radio, 16 December 2015. 8m 12s. File size 4.9 Mb (mov)

Tim Peake hopes that his mission on the International Space Station will be an inspiration to young people. That's also my mission with the space workshops that I present in schools all over the UK. If you'd like me to come to your school then find out more here.


Asteroids and Dragons BBC 3 Counties Radio, 16 April 2016. 5m 27s. File size 2.5 Mb (mp3)

Astronomers have listed 12 asteroids that are potemntially the easiest to bring into an orbit (relatively) near the Earth.
Plus, SpaceX launches their lastest Dragon spacecraft to the ISS, with a very special new cargo.


Tim Peake and Bridget BBC 3 Counties Radio, 29 April 2016. 8m 17s. File size 5.7 Mb (mov)

The rovers on Mars have their instructions radioed up to them each day, but an astronaut in orbit around Mars could control them in real-time.
Tim Peake spent some time controlling Bridget - a prototype for Europe's ExoMars rover - from on-board the ISS.


The Vote, the UK and ESA TalkRadio, 26 June 2016. 4m 33s. File size 3.1 Mb (mov)

The UK has voted to leave the European Union - what effect might this have on the European Space Agency?
I spoke with Howard Hughes about how ESA is funded.


The Perseid meteor shower BBC 3 Counties Radio, 9 August 2016. 4m 32s. File size 3.7 Mb (mp4)

This year's annual Perseid meteor shower could be a really good one. Here's how to find out where the meteors will be coming from, and how to obcserve them in comfort.
Listen to my other interviews about the Perseids from August 2013.


Juno at Jupiter BBC 3 Counties Radio, 26 August 2016. 4m 20s. File size 3.5 Mb (mp4)

The Juno spacecraft is due to make the closest ever approach to the giant planet Jupiter.
I spoke to Roberto Perrone about what we learn from studying the planets.


50 Years of Star Trek BBC 3 Counties Radio, 8 September 2016. 8m 30s. File size 6.9 Mb (mp4)

Star Trek was first shown in September 1966 - 50 years ago! What made it so special that millions of fans still enjoy it?
Roberto Perrone and I talked about the appeal of this remarkable creation. To answer Roberto's final question, Star Trek came to the UK in 1969, and by then I'd already been following the space programme for many years :)


Let's Go To Mars! BBC 3 Counties Radio, 28 September 2016. 6m 53s. File size 5.6 Mb (mp4)

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced ambitious plans to send hundreds of people to Mars with a massive re-usable craft, building up a colony over many years. Obviously there are some things still to be worked out. I talked about this with Roberto Perrone.


ExoMars - 1 BBC 3 Counties Radio, 19 October 2016. 6m 22s. File size 5.1 Mb (mp4)

The European Space Agency's ExoMars spacecraft arrived at Mars today, but not everything appeared to go exactly as planned. Roberto Perrone and I discussed what happened.


ExoMars - 2 BBC 2, 20 October 2016. 4m 16s. File size 19.7 Mb (mp4 video)

What happened to the ExoMars spacecraft? I talked about the fate of the orbiter and lander on Victoria Derbyshire's news programe.


ExoMars - 3 BBC 3 Counties Radio, 20 October 2016. 7m 35s. File size 6.1 Mb (mp4)

Amazingly, just like the ExoMars lander, my data link was cut off - We lost the connection during my interview, so Roberto went on to talk with a student from Cranfield whose team won a competition to plan a flight to Mars.


Supermoon - 1 BBC 3 Counties Radio, 4 November 2016. 7m 29s. File size 6.1 Mb (mp4)

Look - up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No - it's a Supermoon! In fact the biggest Supermoon since 1948, and none will come close until 2034.


Supermoon - 2 BBC 3 Counties Radio, 14 November 2016. 6m 48s. File size 5.5 Mb (mp4)

Another chat about the Supermoon and related things. The Moon controls the tides, so will it affect us?


The cost of Mars BBC 3 Counties Radio, 1 December 2016. 8m 59s. File size 7.2 Mb (mp4)

ESA ministers are meeting to discuss future projects, including the 2020 ExoMars Rover mission, which will need £345 million. What is the money spent on, and what will we get in return?

Part 1  

SpaceX's Falcon 9 launch for Iridium Sky News, 14 January 2017.

This was the first Falcon 9 launch since the explosion on the launch pad last September. This rocket was to launch the first 10 satellites in a major upgrade of Iridium's communications network. Gillian Joseph and I followed the final part of the countdown and the launch, and the landing of the 1st stage on the recovery barge in the Pacific.
As the interview included footage from SpaceX, which is not copyright by Sky News, they cannot give me permission to include it on my website.


The Last Man on the Moon BBC 3 Counties Radio, 17 January 2017. 5m 28s. File size 3.9 Mb (mov)

On January 16 we lost Gene Cernan, the Commander of Apollo 17. Back in December 1972, he was the last man to stand on the surface of the Moon.
Out of the 12 Moonwalkers, now only 6 are left.

Lunar eclipse  

Eclipse of the Moon BBC 3 Counties Radio, 10 February 2017. 2m 32s. File size 2.1 Mb (mp4)

As the Moon orbits the Earth, sometimes it passes through the Earth's shadow, creating a lunar eclipse. This time the Moon would only pass through the outer section of the shadow, called the penumbra, but on July 27, 2018, the Moon wil pass thrugh the umbra, creating a total eclipse of the Moon.

British Spaceports  

British Spaceports BBC 3 Counties Radio, 20 February 2017. 9m 41s. File size 7.9 Mb (mp4)

The government is introducing a bill to allow the development of British Spaceports, which could see flights into space from the UK by 2020. Initially they would be sub-orbital but would develop to provide orbital launchings, in a market expected to be worth £25 billion! One aspect of this activity would be space tourism.

Fly to the Moon with SpaceX - 1  

Fly to the Moon with SpaceX - 1 BBC 3 Counties Radio, 28 February 2017. 7m 57s. File size 6.5 Mb (mp4)

Elon Musk's company - SpaceX - have announced that they intend to send two people around the Moon! this is planned for late 2018, which means it will be close to the 50th anniversary of the very first manned flight to the Moon - Apollo 8. I came up with an interesting fact about Richard Garriott, who paid to fly in space twice.

Fly to the Moon with SpaceX - 2  

Fly to the Moon with SpaceX - 2 BBC Radio Berkshire, 28 February 2017. 7m 36s. File size 6.2 Mb (mp4)

In my second interview within 20 minutes on this story, I spoke with Phil Kennedy, and came up with an interesting fact about Mike Collins  who flew on Apollo 11.  Afterwards, the travel announcer made a nice comment!

The Great British Blast-Off  

The Great British Blast-Off! BBC 3 Counties Radio, 10 March 2017. 6m 20s. File size 5.2 Mb (mp4)

On Saturday March 11 there was a special 10k run at The Olympic Park called "Run The Solar System". I was in the adjoining Space Village, helping visitors build and launch water rockets! I explain to Roberto just how they work.

1Space Law 2Space Law 3Space Law  

Civil Rights in Space Voices From L5 podcast, 5 April 2017. 3 files, all MP4.

1 - 17m 3s. 15.4 Mb / 2 - 21m 15s. 19.3 Mb / 3 - 16m 33s. 15.7 Mb.

I was interviewed by Liam Ginty in America for his podcast "Voices From L5".  We talked about how current space law, such as the UN Outer Space Treaty affects (i.e. restricts) activities in space. Are you allowed to use material from the Moon and asteroids to build a space habitat - and lots of other questions?. Look up other episodes here

The launch of the Falcon Heavy  

The launch of the Falcon Heavy - Where No Mannequin Has Gone Before! BBC 3 Counties Radio, 6 February 2018. 8m 9s. File size 6.7 Mb (mp4)

SpaceX attempted the first test launch of its Falcon Heavy rocket - essentially 3 rockets in 1, and on top of it was Elon Musk's red Tesla Roadster - with a dummy in the driving seat.

95 new planets discovered  

95 New Exoplanets BBC 3 Counties Radio, 16 February 2018. 5m 0s. File size 4.0 Mb (mp4)

Results from the ongoing work of the Kepler Space Telescope have added 95 new exoplanets to the growing list.


The launch of "TESS" Sky News, 19 April 2018. (Awaiting file for upload)

A SpaceX Falcon 9 launched the latest planet-hunting Space Telescope - TESS - which is expected to  add 20,000 new exoplanets to the current list.

The launch of InSight  

The Launch of InSight Sky News Sunrise, 5 May 2018. (Awaiting file for upload)

NASA's latest Mars probe launches today, and is due to reach the Red Planet in November.

The launch of InSight  

Crew returns from the ISS Sky News Sunrise, 3 June 2018. (Awaiting file for upload)

The crew of Expedition 55 return to Earth after spending over 5 months on the International Space Station. How does that amount of time in weightlessness affect the human body?.

ESA's new weather satellite  

Aeolus - ESA's new weather satellite BBC 3 Counties Radio, 6 June 2018. 4m 37s. File size 3.7 Mb (mp4)

The latest advanced satellite - built in Stevenage - is now in France, awaiting transfer to ESA's launch centre in South America.

ESA's new weather satellite  

Buzz Aldrin - 2nd man to walk on the Moon BBC 3 Counties Radio, 26 June 2018. 5m 28s. File size 4.5 Mb (mp4)

Buzz is in a financial and legal battle with two of his children and former business manager.

The total eclipse of the Moon  

See the total eclipse of the Moon, 4 planets and the ISS BBC 3 Counties Radio, 26 July 2018. 5m 19s. File size 4.4 Mb (mp4)

A rare event as the Moon rises whilst in Total Eclipse! Come along and see it, along with Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn - plus 2 passes of the International Space Station!

The Perseid Meteor Shower  

See the Perseid meteor shower and 4 planets BBC 3 Counties Radio, 10 August 2018. 5m 36s. File size 4.6 Mb (mp4)

Come and watch the Perseid meteors and some planets with Hertford Astronomy Group.

The Perseid Meteor Shower  

The latest landing on Mars BBC 3 Counties Radio, 26 November 2018. 8m 21s. File size 6.8 Mb (mp4)

NASA's latest Mars lander - InSight - touched down on the Red Planet. I discussed this with Nana Akua on 3CR. Needless to say, the spacecraft has my name on it!

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