One Small Step


Back in the summer of 1969, the crew of Apollo 11 reached the Moon.

Whilst Mike Collins orbited overhead in the "Columbia", Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin descended to the lunar surface in the "Eagle".  The landing took place at 9:17pm on the evening of Sunday, July 20 1969, and I followed the lunar module down with my models, lunar maps and flight plans.

About an hour later I was sent off to bed - I was 14 at the time and I had school the next morning - but after everyone else had gone to bed, I crept back downstairs and put the TV on quietly, and so I was able to watch - live - as men from Earth walked for the first time upon the surface of another world.

Apollo 11 : 1969-2009

"One Small Step" is written as the scrap-book of a young space enthusiast named "Mike", whose grandfather was supposed to have worked in Mission Control during the Moon landings. "Mike" is named after Mike Collins, who was the Command Module Pilot on Apollo 11.

One Small Step

It's a large-format, highly visual book, full of pictures, flaps to lift and things to pull out.

The cover has a large lenticular of an astronaut stepping onto the Moon and unrolling the American flag.

It includes a timeline of space exploration and a look at the future, but the main part of the book is about Apollo 11.

It gives details of the Saturn V rocket and the Apollo spacecraft, and describes how the crew reached the Moon and what they did there.

It is full of drawings and photos, mostly from NASA, and it also includes reproductions of the Press Pass to watch the Apollo 11 launch, a commemorative pennant, and a cardboard copy of my medallion which actually contains metal from both the Command Module "Columbia" and the Lunar Module "Eagle".

The book is available in Europe, Australia, South Africa, India, Canada and the United States.
If you find it anywhere else, do let me know!

It's on sale in the bookshop at the visitors' centre at Kennedy Space Center, the National Space Centre and Jodrell Bank!

This picture shows it at the National Space Centre. Click on the image for a larger version.

You can download a short video about the book here.


Here is a picture of me doing a signing session at a school, with a guest appearance by "my mate, Buzz"!

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A review in "The Bookseller" says "Adults are going to enjoy this just as much as children."

WriteAway had a space themed reading guide, and "One Small Step" was chosen as their Top Pick.

I did a signing session for "One Small Step" at Waterstones in Hitchin. If you'd like me to do a local signing then contact me.

I spoke about the Moon flights at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, where I was the first person to launch a rocket!

Scholastic Books chose "One Small Step" as one of the top reads of the year.

"One Small Step" was nominated for a Sir Arthur Clarke Award for Best Written Presentation.

One Small Step

Sir Patrick Moore said
"It's marvellous!"


Celebrate the Moon landing in a way you won't forget.

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Hear about mankind's incredible achievement

"How We Reached The Moon"

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Some people still think the whole thing was faked.

"Would You Believe - We Put A Man On The Moon"

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Did you know that America once sent 50 elephants to the Moon?

"The Day They Launched A Woodpecker"

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