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Workshops on Astronomy and Space Exploration

Use the inspiring power of space to excite your pupils!
Build and launch rockets - Construct a planetary lander.

"A brilliant day was had by all." - "Year 11 were blown away by their session!" - "I would book again." - "Thank you for inspiring the next generation of scientists.”
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"It's everybody's business to know about space." - Christa McAuliffe
Christa was the designated Teacher in Space, lost in the Challenger disaster.

"Space is the most exciting part of the school curriculum, but it's also the part that many teachers have the most difficulty in delivering."
Chris Barber: Director of the International Space School Educational Trust 

Most teachers are not experts on space and astronomy, but they don't have to be.
   Spaceflight UK can provide the expertise in a way that will excite and inspire your pupils.

Book an exciting day of activities on a range of topics.

Click here for some photos from the workshops

Space Is Big!


A multi-activity session that lets pupils explore space and helps them understand more about the universe around us.

Our planet Earth is a traveler through space, but just what else is out there? We know space covers vast distance, so huge that the numbers are mind-boggling!
How can we make sense of it all, and really understand where we fit in?

This workshop moves outward from your school, changing scales to cover the Earth, the Solar System, our galaxy and beyond. Yet it does so in ways that allow the pupils to relate to the vast distances involved.

How far is it to the Moon, and how many planets do we really have? Find the answers in this fun and engaging session.

    Pacing out the solar system

Mission To Mars  
A multiple-activity session in which pupils make and launch their (non-pyrotechnic) rockets, construct a planetary lander, and then explore Mars!

Mars has always fascinated us with grand tales of invasion and exploration.
There are currently 3 active spacecraft orbiting Mars and 2 active rovers on its surface, whilst the Phoenix lander arrived in 2008 to investigate the Martian arctic.

Last year the Mars Science Laboratory - "Curiosity" - landed, and when it did, so did I!
My name is on 4 spacecraft that have landed on Mars . . .

This workshop covers an introduction to the principles of rocketry and some of the problems faced in landing on Mars and exploring the red planet.

Pop rockets

NEW . . .

The Space Elevator Challenge


With a limited budget and in a set time period, can you build a vehicle to climb a space tower?

A cross between "The Apprentice", "Dragons' Den" and "Scrapheap Challenge"!

Contact me for details of this high-level challenge for schools, colleges, universities and as a team-building exercise for organisations. Full details here.

Build the Space Station

An exciting workshop in which pupils learn about the International Space Station

What it is - How was it constructed - What it is being used for - What it is like living and working in weightlessness?

Pupils then build their own model of the ISS ... out of toilet rolls, pizza trays, lollipop sticks and other items. The finished model is almost 1.5m (five feet) long!

Representation of the ISS model

This photo shows pupils from The Sele School, Hertford, with their completed model of the International Space Station.

This is the advanced version of the model, with 6 different types of blocks along the length of the main truss bar.
The version for Primry schools is simpler.

Like the standard version, it includes:
Movable solar panels
A robotic arm
Two Soyuz spacecraft
A Progress supply craft
An ESA Automated Transfer Vehicle
A Cygnus
supply craft
A SpaceX Dragon spacecraft
A  Bigelow BEAM module
and a scale photo of Tim Peake doing his EVA!

Pupils fromSele School with their completed model of the International Space Station
Click on the photo for a larger version

 Sample student activities:


 Measuring the distance from the Earth to the Moon

Air rocket launching


 Pacing out the Solar System



 Discovering how many planets we really have!



 Observing the Sun and sunspots *



 Making and launching air rockets and "pop" rockets



 Building an planetary lander: "The Eggs Prize"



 Mars rover simulator



 Making pinhole cameras and sundials



 Measuring the size of the Earth, using a 1-metre rule!

* Note: Solar observation safety is strictly enforced and a safety briefing is given prior to this activity.
   Solar observing includes the amazing
Coronado Solar Telescope which can show solar prominences streaming into space.

Teachers report that the workshops "Exceeded expectations". Here is some other feedback.

"Very enjoyable! The children really enjoyed it." Trotts Hill Primary, Stevenage

"Year 11 were blown away by their session!" Notre Dame School, London

"An enjoyable session for the students." King Charles I School, Kidderminster

"Your enthusiasm transmitted itself to the pupils. This was the driving force behind the success of the day (and humour too!)" St Francis' College, Letchworth Garden City

"They really enjoyed the launching of the different rockets. Thanks very much - a super day!" Howe Dell Primary, Hatfield

"The teachers felt the day was a great success and are already talking about having one next year!" Sudbury Primary, London

"A shame we didn't have longer!" John Rankin Junior School, Newbury

"Very successful - the smiles on the children's faces says it all :)" Hanslope Primary, Milton Keynes

"I've heard rave reports about what you have been doing today!" Head Teacher, Avenue Primary School, London

"The children and staff enjoyed the day. What a lovely way to explore space through practical activities!" Norton St Nicholas School, Letchworth Garden City

"A brilliant day was had by all. Jerry was extremely knowledgeable and communicated his passion in a really inspiring way." Balcombe Primary School, West Sussex

"You had super behaviour management skills and the workshops were excellent, well organised and definitely a memorable learning experience for all." Rodmersham Primary School, Kent

"A really well organised and resourced day. I would book again." Coley Primary School, Reading

"Quite educational, inspiring and entertaining. Well done!" Malorees Junior School, London

"An excellent learning experience for all children. A great mix of practical and listening activities. Thank you - It was a fantastic day." Aldermoor Farm Primary School, Coventry

"Jerry was fantastic! So organised, so many helpful resources. The pupils are so excited about learning more about space!" Blackheath High Junior School, London

"This was a fantastic day for students and staff. Top Class!" Southfield Technical College, Workington

"Thank you for providing Year 5 & 6 with a really enjoyable day with lots of practical work and after school activities." Earsham Primary School, Suffolk

"A great day had by all. The children will be talking about this day for a long time. The sessions created many thoughtul questions from them!" Gosfield School, Gosfield, Essex

"You worked so hard throughout the day, barely having time for lunch. The children were enthused by your knowledge and the time you spent with each and every one of them." Brunswick Park Primary, London

“From this workshop we will have children who will develop an interest for science simply because you made it engaging, fun and reachable for them. Thank you for inspiring the next generation of scientists.” Al-Furqan Primary, Birmingham

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Workshop prices are less than the cost of a coach to take a single class out, and are even cheaper for Primary Schools.

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Click here for some photos from the workshops

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