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Would You Believe - We Put A Man On The Moon

Footprint on the Moon



In 1969 Armstrong and Aldrin walked on the Moon . . .
. . . or did they?
 o  Why does the flag wave?
 o  Why aren't the shadows parallel?
 o  Why are there no stars in the pictures?
 o  How did the astronauts survive the radiation?
 o  Why is there no flame from the lift-off from the moon?

Did we really fly to the Moon - or was it all a fake?

Some have suggested that we never flew to the Moon; that instead the astronauts simply flew round and round the Earth, and that NASA transmitted a moonwalk that had been filmed in a studio - possibly at the infamous "Area 51".

What really happened? What is the truth about the Moon landing?

This presentation investigates the claims and discovers what is real and what is false.


"He investigates the claims and shows the real truth behind the nonsense!"

Hear about mankind's incredible achievement

"How We Reached The Moon"

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